Wednesday, August 11, 2010

first-day-of-school frezents

every single year,
my mom gives my kids wrapped presents
for the first day of school.

and every single year, my kids ask:
"don't we open our first-day-of-school presents EARLY?"

the answer is simple:

this is because
first-day-of-school presents
are for the first day of school.

they are a special treat to look forward to.

maybe the day was rough.
maybe your best friend is in a different class.
maybe it's just sad to say goodbye to summer.

well, one thing is for certain...
when you get home from school, you can open
a special something from grandma.

thanks, grandma.
we ♥ you.


Dianne said...

Grandma's always know what to do...they just make life more special. I am taking notes for one day! ;)

mary said...

Your Mom is so thoughtful!! What a special little tradition. ♥

Dawn said...

I love love love this idea!!

Pam said...

this is such a great tradition...way to go Grandma!!

Anonymous said...

I remember this from last year...such a great memory for your kids, and when they have kids.

martha said...

this is the dearest idea! Your mom must be a treasure!
Hope the start of school is grand!

Denise said...

What a lovely idea!!

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