Tuesday, August 24, 2010

if you love someone, set them free

dear friends,
i am trying to convince myself
that i made the right choice,
but i am inconsolably sad.

we decided that today was the day
to release our dear sweet ducks.

they are at the pond where we found pip's egg
with about 100 other ducks, presumably family.
i walk by the pond every single day.

i want them to be free.
i want them to live awesome wild duck lives.

my head hurts
and my eyes are raw from crying.
we miss them terribly.

dear pip & patito,
please snuggle together under the full moon
on this your first night in the wide open world.
we will visit you tomorrow,
and the next day,
and every day after that.
may you fly far & fast.
may you eat every bug you see.
may you grow fat on the neighbors' breadcrusts.
our hearts are forever changed because of you.
we love you duckas
very, very, very much.


Emily said...

I can't imagine how hard this was, but yes, it was the right decision for them to be free in their natural environment. Love you so much for your nurturing spirit!

mary said...

Oh Catie, that must've been difficult.
Your whole story is so touching.
Pip & Patito would never have been able to
live their wild awesome duck lives had it not been for you discovering their poor abandoned eggs & researching how to incubate them & nurture them!
They love you too!..in their special ducky way. :)

Dianne said...

Oh sweet Catie, your duckas have wonderful, healthy lives because of you and your special care. I have never met anyone as nurturing as you are to all living things. It is hard but it is right. God bless you!

Rebecca said...

Definitely right...and definitely difficult. It's OK to feel the way you do. Your children have learned so much by your doing this for these duckas - about ducks, yes, but about you and your amazing kindness, too. I wonder if they'll swim over when they see you at the pond? xoxo

sewmuchwhimsy said...

Oh my goodness...I am in tears! You did the right thing and I know it was so hard after how well you loved them. Did you mark them in some way so you would be able to know which duckas they are? I don't know if that's even possible. How are the kids handling it? You are such an awesome mama. xoxoxo
PS My hubby is going to Boise in a few weeks! I so wish I could go with him and meet you, but I can't. Someday!

Anonymous said...

That's so beautiful Catie, and of course you did the right thing by them. They are wild and need to be with their kind. They had the best start of any of their family ducks, how lucky to be born into your household and be so loved!
Love you much, and please keep us updated on their status as much as possible! xoxo

jill said...

whoa. i thought i was doing pretty well holding it together today - being that it's my kids first day of school. then, i read your post. bawling. like a baby! i actually had to come back to post this b/c i couldn't see straight. i think it was the whole letting go..ducks, kids it is soo hard for me - and for us as moms.

before i start again, i'll say thanks for posting this, catie. it helped me "let it out" today. you have a good ♥. and i really believe the goodness comes back to you.

keep us posted on your ducka visits...i have a feeling you'll have some more special experiences with them.

Sandi said...

oh... Sweet, Kind-Hearted Catie... you have done GOOD here. In so many ways. You gave these sweet ducks a chance at LIFE.... and now you have let them 'go...to enjoy the FULLNESS of life as a wild duck....and all that goes with it! :) You are wonderful! ... you have done such an act of kindness and love for these ducks.. AND for your children.. .who have witnessed all the love that these two precious creatures have brought into your lives. God bless you dear Catie... and Pip and Patito! :) We have loved you TOO.

catie said...

thank you
thank you
thank you, sweet friends, for coming here to read what i am going through. for living it with me and for crying alongside me. i really do cherish your words & will come back here to re-read them when i need to remind myself that this is truly the right thing to do.

gretchen ~ you asked how my kids are taking this - we are all sad, but marian & i are having the hardest time. the timing of this is good since school is starting for her next week. how i wish you were coming to boise, too.

jill ~ reading that you cried made me cry. i'm sorry that this post sorta kicked you when you were down, but i hope it was good to have a good cry & let it out, as you said.

i am so blessed to have such caring sistas.

Dawn said...

Oh sweet Catie...you did the right thing...Pip and Patito are where they belong, but you gave them that chance, and THAT is so wonderful! You are the only Mama they have ever known, and that is what we do with our own children, raise them to be able to go out into the big wide world and thrive...and thrive Pip and Patito will!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Denise said...

Oh, Catie.... I have tears falling down my cheeks now for you and your loss. You are such a beautiful lady - inside and out - and what you did for your duckas is such a showing of unconditional love. You saved their lives, nurtured them, showed them how to love and then set them free - the greatest show of love. And you have taught by your sweet example what it means to love all. Your children are so blessed to call you 'mom' - and I am so blessed to call you 'friend.' xoxo

martha said...

catie, changes-so hard-we are having lots of them here in the hjorth household....you are so dear....i too have grown fond of those little ducks...
and start of school-i have always been a reluctant first day of school mom.....hmmm.
i love this quote i found , to arm myself with, :
"so when you feel all the endings coming..begin looking for all the beginnings"
lv, m

FreeLife said...

That was the best thing your have done... Been life be free as much as you can...

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