Thursday, August 12, 2010

beets are treats

these beautiful beets are from our
incredible csa farm share this week.

i like to prepare beets very simply:
1. cut off the tops (you can eat them, too!)
2. boil until tender (20 - 30 minutes)
3. slip off the skins & slice
4. dress with balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper

delicious as-is,
but also very good atop your green salad.
(bonus: they will tint ranch dressing pink!)


Pam said...

oh do I love beets...I eat mine with crumbled goat cheese and walnuts...

Emily said...

I love to roast my beets! The skin comes off easier too.

Dianne said...

Beets are a favorite here.I usually buy canned and could eat them straight fom the can...delish! Normally we use them on salads.I have used the juice to dye Easter eggs a most beautiful shade of pink.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother used to soak boiled eggs in the beet juice for several hours and then slice them on top of the dish of beets. Love, Mom

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