Thursday, August 19, 2010

ice cream to sweeten a raw deal

when you are doing the math,
you should know that
1 swirly cone
does not really make up for
5 kindergarten shots.

{so sorry, ned.}


Dawn said...

oh poor baby...Lucy has to go Monday...I think (crossing my fingers) that she will only need 2

is ned going into half day?? that is what lucy is doing

mary said...

Oh, I remember *that* visit!
Ouchy mama!
Good call on the ice cream. :)

Emily said...

Soon you will be begging to go Ned!!

jill said...

such a bummer appt. annie wept softly, which made it worse for me then if she would've screamed out in pain. ugh! my dr. reminded her that she will not need another shot for a long, long time - 7 years!

kindergarten starts next friday for annie (preview day on thurs)...*sniff*

when does ned start?

Celine's Cuisine said...

nice touch with the ice cream, Ned looks really, really sad and in pain. Big hug to him.

Dianne said...

Precious Ned, I feel your pain! So sorry!

martha said...

oh dear-tugging at those mama strings..HUGS specially for Ned...and that ice cream cone looks mighty good..hope it helped soften the situation...:) Kindergarten-SO exciting for everyone!

catie said...

thanks, friends.
ned is all better now.
the dr. told him that he wouldn't need any more shots for five years. so now, ned keeps checking with me, "did he say five DAYS?"

dawn ~ yes, ned will go half days (mornings).
good luck on monday with sweet lucy's shots.

jill ~ the fact that annie "wept softly" just kills me. ned was stoic (or just surprised) for the first 2 shots, but for the last 3 he was kicking & screaming with me immobilizing his arms/legs - ugh. SO glad it is over.

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